That’s the way to do it!

Module C


This module aims to give Young Leaders a general understanding of how to successfully demonstrate and teach a variety of skills. It will help make that process fun, and ensure that section members enjoy the experience.

By the end of this module, you will have an understanding of:

  • how to talk about how young people learn effectively
  • demonstrating an ability to pass on skills to younger people
  • talking about different learning styles
  • having confidence in using different training techniques

Teaching new skills

Teaching and helping younger Scouts learn new things can be very rewarding and a key skill for Young Leaders to learn.

Which teachers do you like a school?
What is it about how they teach that you like?

The best teachers are those that are enthusiastic about their subject and engage their pupils rather than just talking at the class. Just like schools, Scouting can change young people’s lives and give them skills and opportunities they would not get any other way.

Activity One

Write a set of instructions to make your favourite sandwich – imagine someone who has never made this bread based delicacy or even been in a kitchen is going to follow them.

Take a look at the instructions here – did you miss anything? If you followed your instructions would you get your sandwich? Did you make any assumptions?

Different methods of learning

Everyone has their preferred learning style – some people like to read written instructions others find it easier if someone shows them what to do. To help us remember things some of us will draw pictures, others find repetition useful whilst for some writing a list helps.

What works for one person won’t always work for someone else so when we teaching things we need to remember that we may need to try different ways of teaching to make sure everyone learns the skill.

Be prepared for questions or Scouts getting it wrong and always be patient and supportive.

Activity Two

Watch this video on the sign language alphabet:

Now watch the this video on the sign language alphabet:

And finally check this picture of the alphabet

Try filming yourself signing your name.

Compare the different ways of learning this task and take a note of what you thought was good and what you thought was bad.

Activity 3

Now it is your turn to teach a new skill. Watch the following video about how to make an origami paper balloon that blows up.

Try making one yourself so you know what you’re doing. Once you think you have the hang of it, find a family member and teach them without using the video. You can still consult it if you forget a step but you can’t show it when teaching. Write a paragraph about what approach you took to teaching and how it worked out.

Things that can help us teach or learn a new skill

Make sure before you start teaching that you have practised the skill and have thought about what the Scouts may find difficult and any questions they may have. If you are confident then it will be easier for everyone! In Scouting we try to learn by doing (its called the Scouting Method)

Provide an example of what the final item will look like.

Working with a small group makes things easier

‘I do, we do, and you do’ can help structure the session

Repeat the exercise to confirm understanding

Showing a diagram or photo can help visual learners

Start with the basic skills and work up to the advanced level

Make sure your instructions are clear and complete

Plan your programme so that you use the new skills

A story or mnemonic to help Scouts remember the training

Make a worksheet so the Scouts can practise at home

Videos can help as you can pause and rewind lots of times.

Don’t assume that everyone knows the basics


So hopefully you are now more comfortable teaching new skills to Scouts. Remember make its interesting and break complex tasks into simpler steps and be prepared to answer any questions the Scouts have.

You can upload the evidence for this module to OSM – we’ll review what you have done and update your YL training.