We had breakfast as normal today and were just getting ready for the start of our hike to the Gemmi Pass when a large crack of thunder roared through the valley and the heavens opened. In about 10 minutes, an inch of rain and a handful of hail the storm had passed the campsite and we were left to cope with the minor flood.

The mess tent was turned into a drying room as we erected washing lines inside and we moved the dry gear to higher ground. It was then time to head the lift for the start of our overnight hike. A short walk took us tot he lift station and after a short wait the group were transported to the start of the hike. The valley was full of clouds which we passed though as we headed to the top.

We then started our hike, gradually the weather improved and we could once again hike in shorts and t-shirts. The path headed gradually uphill towards the Gemmi pass. We stopped just before the Schwarenbach Hotel for lunch. We hiked passed our eventual home for the night as we headed to Daubensee lake and the pass. Most of the party spent the afternoon on the Kandersteg side of the lake whilst a few of us headed to the actual Gemmi pass at the other end of the lake. Those that did the final section got fantastic panoramic views of the next valley and a permament glacier.

Everyone then headed back along the same path to the Schwarenbach Hotel for our night in the mountains. The hotel is hundreds of years old and is 2060m above sea level. Our accomodation was a bunkhouse dormitory. Two raised levels housed the majority of the Scouts with the bottom bunks used for the Leaders to sleep on. We had a fantastic meal of oat soup (yes oats, really) which tasted great and spaghetti bolognaise. We ate our fill before heading to bed. Lights out was 10pm and it didn’t take long for the bunkroom to be silent apart for the occassional sound of snoring!