Our Tesco Bags of Help project will create a brand new Wildlife Garden and activity area next to our Scout HQ in New Haw. As Scouts we love being outdoors and we want to create an outdoor learning and playing area outside our hut and to improve the area for everyone by creating a space for wildlife that has been used as a tip for rubbish and litter.



We’ve spent the last 12 months replacing the broken fence and removing thepreview_steel-fire-pit-yanartas rubble, broken glass and rubbish people had dumped in the area. It took us a long time to fund raise the money for this project and pay for the new fence and the machinery we needed to hire to do the work. You can see what the space used to look like in this photo – under all that greenery was lots of broken glass, fly tipped rubble and litter.

As you can see we’ve made a great start to the project – the Bags of Help money will enable us to equip the area – we want to create a campfire circle climbwallwhere groups can cook and sing, install a climbing wall to improve our fitness and create a learning space for the Group.

A new wildlife garden running alongside the public footpath will create a new space for birds, insects and wild flowers where previously was an eyesore and a dumping ground for rubbish.

bug-hotelIf we are lucky enough to get the larger grants then we’re also be creating a garden where our members can plant seeds, learn about how things grow and enjoy the¬†fruit and vegetables¬†they plant. We’d also like to purchase more play and learning equipment to use in the activity area including fitness equipment and an adventure course.raised-bed