Waiting List Management for Gravity Forms : Alpha Release

Download current release 0.40


This plugin uses Gravity Forms to provide a way of managing waiting list application, data management, integration with OSM and optionally allows you to manage vacancies electronically with a simple accept/reject page.

Getting Stated

Install the plugin – this will add two settings screens to Gravity Forms (one at the application level and one at the form level) and a new WL Vacancy item to the WordPress admin menu.

You can integrate an existing form or create your form using the Gravity Form Builder – fields can be visible on the public form or administrative. Administrative fields are great for fields that you may have in OSM that are not entered by the parent as they are not visible on the public form but can be maintained in the admin screen, Both types of field can be passed to OSM.

Setup OSM Integration

From the Settings menu under the Forms section select the OSM Waiting option. This will present you with the follow screen – the two OAuth Fields need the keys generated by OSM – see the flow below.

When these are entered correctly you should be able to set a default section to link to in OSM (you can change this for each form – this is just the default).

The results page option adds a new menu item on Entries page in Gravity Forms that show some simple statistics about the form.

Generating OAuth Keys in OSM

The first thing to do is to setup your OSM link. Log into OSM and goto the Settings->My Account Details and select the Developer Tools section

Select Create Application and enter a name (this can be any name) and hit save – the two codes you need are displayed on the next screen – these need to pasted into the two field on the Settings screen.

Configuring your Form

There are two areas that you will need to configure for your form – one maps the data from the form to OSM and defines the type of integration and the other are the email notifications that we send when various things happen in the system.

Form Settings

To integrate a form you need to tick the Integrate with OSM button which activates the plugin’s added functionality,

We can enrich the data entered in the form with IMD value and using data from the Store Plugin we can also locate the closest Group (this is done by absolute distance not journey time). You need to tell the plugin which form field holds the postcode which is the used to determine these values.

The system supports three ways of working:

  • Send the form entry to OSM when submitted
  • Allow the admin to review the form data and then send to OSM
  • Use the Vacancy offer process and only send data to OSM when a parent accepts the offer of a place – see below for how this process works,

We also tell the system here which OSM section we will pass data to – this is generally a Waiting List section – you obviously need read/write access to members data in this section

The final setup maps the fields from our form to OSM fields – these are read from the section you selected above and includes all custom fields you may have added to OSM.

Gravity forms does some auto-matching so you may need to remove some auto-matched mappings.

You must at minimum map member name and date of birth fields.

Form Notifications

Notifications are emails sent at various events – we have a number of custom WLV events within the flows where emails can be sent and have also added some custom merge fields for the vacancy process,

The WLV Merge Fields can only (currently) be used in the WLV Invitation event notification and allow the parent via the URL to see the vacancy and accept/reject the offer of a place

Notification setup is covered in the Gravity Forms documentation.

Reviewing entries submitted for a Form

When you view entries from the Gravity Forms menu you will see a few extra functions that the plugin provides:

  • A statistics option which brings up some simple charts of submissios by review sttsstatus
  • A panel showing the review status (with a review completed button) and if using the Vacancy Management a button to transfer transfer the record to OSM
  • Under the form fields there is a list of fields the plugin maintains
  • The lower portion of the screen shows actions from the plugin in the GF logs

Vacancy Management

The above vacancy shows the process flow for vacancy management – places are offered to a subset of those people on the waiting list – a link in the email allows the parent to accept / reject the vacancy or be removed from the waiting list. If the place is accepted then the admin worklist is updated so the admin can pass the record to OSM via the entry in Gravity forms.

Creating the Vacancy

Each vacancy is a post of type WL Vacancy – you’ll find the option under the main WP menu.

The main body of the post is present to the parent when they follow the link from the invitation email underneath this is the configuration for the vacancy,

You can record the following:

  • The Group (from Store Locator)
  • The GF Form (ie the Waiting List)
  • The start date for the vacancy
  • The number of spaces and how many remain – in general set them both to the same number and as people accept the spaces the remaining number will decrease
  • The Status (not used at the moment)
  • A grid showing the WL list data with the following buttons
    • Add filter – filter the data coming from the GF Waiting List
    • Get Waiting – get the data from the GF Waiting List using the filters you have added
    • Add Selected to Vacancy – add people to the VAcancy work list
  • A grid showing people added to the Vacancy and their status
    • You can remove people from the worklist
    • Send invite will send the invitation email to the candidates

This screen needs a bit more work for status and doing things like preventing you from removing people once you have sent an invite etc but the current ‘openess’ makes testing easier and you can reset things easily,

Status for Candidates

The status profile for a Candidate is as follows:

  • initial – added to Candidate List
  • invite – Invitation sent
  • accept – vacancy accepted by parent
  • reject – vacancy rejected by parent
  • missed – parent tried to accept the vacancy but the space was already taken
  • delete – parent asked to be removed from the waiting list

Post Acceptance Actions

When a parent accepts a vacancy their record is marked as needing to be transferred to OSM – you can see a list of these on the wordpress Dashboard and can go into the record to transfer them using the OSM button to get them into your OSM waiting list and from where you can pass them to the relevant group (this may be changed later to actually do the transfer). A transfer is needed as you are unlikely to have write access to all the Groups and sections in OSM so we use a Waiting List section in OSM which is used just for the transfer,


A series of simple reports are available to give summary information by age and gender

New in release 0.40 – new shortcode for reporting

SectionMaleFemaleNot RecordedTotal
Pre Squirrels0

gf_osm_wl_shortcode type=”2″ form=”9″ opt=”1″ group=”5737″

Values are obtainable from the reporting URL in the administration area and are

form Gravity Form ID
type Report type (1 = first entry in the report menu – District Census)
opt Option for the closest (1 = the top menu option etc)
group WSL Group ID

In addition mapping and simple charts of your waiting list members are available

Version History

0.30 General Corrections
0.40 New Shortcode option for including reports on pages
Corrections to Anonymisation and addition of manual Anonymisation

To Do List

  • Status management on WLV
  • Better management / Error prevention on the worklist
  • REporting and Dashboarding (including maps)
  • Data Check process for WL members (ie annual check)
  • Manual annoymisation
  • Config for signup screen messaging to replace hard coding
  • Add detail of which vacancies a person has signed up to on the Entry screen and status
  • Look at performance of grids on WLV
  • Pull data from OSM for initalisation