Day four started with a clatter of rocks falling from the local cliffs and rain. Today was the first day the Explorers and Scouts were scheduled to do different activities – an overnight hike high into the mountains for the Explorer Scouts and a visit to THun for the Scouts.

The Explorers hiked to the Fründenhütte – a mountain hut situated on a rocky outcrop overlooking Ochienesse lake. It was a long hike starting at the lakeshore before we reached the hut crossing alpine bridges and following a rocky path up to the hut at 2562m. Everything at the hut has to be airlifted in – our tea was pasta was greatly appreciated after the wet hike to the hut. We did an investiture of our new members at the hut.

The Scouts had a more relaxing day visiting Thun – an local town with a castle on the edge of a massive lake.