Mission One : Games

What you have to do

Plan and run a minimum of three games with the section you are volunteering with. At least one game should take place indoors and one outdoors.

The games should be varied, incorporating:

  • at least two different types of leadership style (Module B and Module C)
  • three different types of games; for example some games may be more energetic and active, while others may be more creative or reflective (Module E)

To complete this mission, you could:

  • run a game at the beginning or end of a section night
  • run a wide game on a camp
  • run a game that ties into a badge the section is working towards
  • run a game that reinforces something the section has learned
  • any other ideas, subject to agreement with ESLYL and SL

This could be done in a virtual section meeting too!


To show you have completed these tasks we ask you to write a little bit about your experience and upload it to OSM. Fill in the Mission 1 page of your logbook. If you don’t have a logbook then for each of the three games you ran, please make notes on:

  • date
  • location
  • leadership styles used
  • game type
  • instructions of the game
  • equipment needed
  • badges/awards worked towards
  • self evaluation of how it went

Once you have done this for all three, you can upload the evidence through OSM.